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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever questions you may have, we have plenty of answers for you!

Can I still drive my car during repayment?

Absolutely. Oklahoma Car Title Loans recognizes that you need your car for work and everyday life

Can I get approved by OK Title Loans if my credit is poor? What if I have no credit? What if I filed for bankruptcy?

If any of the above describes you, don't worry - you can still be approved by Oklahoma Car Title Loans. We never check your credit. All you need to attain car title loans in Oklahoma is a paid-off car and a title!

What's the most money I can borrow?

You can borrow up to $50,000 via car title loans in Oklahoma. The amount varies based on the value of your vehicle.

How do I apply for car title loans in Oklahoma?

There's only one form to fill out, and it's on this webpage. For instructions on how to apply, refer to the Apply Now page. It's a three-step process that doesn't take long at all.

Will I be penalized if I make early payments?

No. OK Title Loans will never penalize you for early repayment.

How quickly can I have my money?

Oklahoma Car Title Loans can put extra cash in your pocket in as little as 24 hours

How long will I have to pay my loan back?

We offer one of the longest repayment plans for car title loans in Oklahoma (up to 42 months). Compare that to the measly 60 or 90 days that our competitors usually offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get a car title loan in Oklahoma today!

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