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Banks and credit unions often require you to come in to fill out a ton of paperwork, only to deny your loan application. They're only open 9 to 5, so you'll often have to call off work to go in, which is a waste of your time and money.

OK Title Loans can pre-approve you, send you a quote, and finalize your approval while you sit on your couch or at your computer desk. When applying for car title loans in Oklahoma, refer to the instructions below to get started.

  1. See the form on the right side of this page? Use it to tell us some basic information, such as: your car's make, model, year, and mileage, as well as some personal contact info.
  2. After submitting, we'll text or email you a quote of your potential loan amount. If you're satisfied with the amount, as many Oklahoma Car Title Loans customers have been, you'll be able to finalize your loan with an OK Title Loans specialist over the phone. Don't worry about calling us - we'll call you.
  3. Find the Oklahoma Car Title Loans location closest to you so you can pick up your cash.

If you haven't already, go to the Locations page to find one near you. If travelling isn't an option, Oklahoma Car Title Loans may be able to deposit the money into your bank account or deliver it to you.

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Our efficient application process is just part of our dedication to customer service at OK Title Loans. If your credit isn't perfect but you need a fast loan, you've come to the perfect place. Apply now for car title loans in Oklahoma today!